Surface Salinity (psu), 09/24/2023

Surface Salinity (psu) contours shown are from the surface layer of the model and are based on daily forecast solutions generated by the NOS implementation of the SSCOFS. NOS runs 4 forecast cycles each day. The animation presented here was generated from the 2nd cycle (9-HR GMT) using solutions downloaded from the NOAA THREDDS developmental catalog.

The surface freshwater plumes are dominated by large rivers such as the Fraser, Nooksack, and the Whidbey Basin rivers such as Skagit, Stillaguamish, and Snohomish. Lighter color in Hood Canal is not due to large freshwater flow but is from the strong stratification in the fjord-like circulation environment resulting is lower salinity in the surface waters. South Puget Sound Plumes from the Deschutes and Nisqually and Plumes from Duwamish and Puyallup are also visible in this scale.

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