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New paper applies invasion biology to social networks

Jeff Rice
Social media now proliferates across almost every sector of the Web, from commercial enterprises like Facebook to crowd sourcing of science and medical data. New online communities are created constantly, but not all of these efforts succeed, and the Web is littered with failed attempts and false starts. How can you tell which networks will be the next big thing? PSI Visiting Scientist Marc Mangel says the answer may lie with population biology. Read more

Burke exhibit traces Elwha restoration

Book cover for "Elwha: A River Reborn" by Lynda Mapes. The Burke Museum exhibit runs from November 23, 2013 to March 9, 2014.
Book cover for “Elwha: A River Reborn” by Lynda Mapes. The exhibit based on the book runs from November 23, 2013 to March 9, 2014.

This month, the University of Washington’s Burke Museum opens the exhibit Elwha: A River Reborn, based on the book by Seattle Times reporter Lynda Mapes, with photography by Steve Ringman. The exhibit tells the story of the largest dam removal in U.S. history, and PSI’s Jeff Rice spoke with Mapes about her experience covering the story, her recent book, and the upcoming exhibit. Read the interview at the Encyclopedia of Puget Sound. 

Tessa Francis joins Encyclopedia of Puget Sound editorial board

Tessa Francis
Dr. Tessa Francis

We are pleased to announce that Dr. Tessa Francis has joined the Encyclopedia of Puget Sound editorial board. Tessa is the Lead Ecosystem Ecologist at PSI, and will serve as the Encyclopedia’s ecosystem-based management topic editor. She is an aquatic ecologist, and her research is related to aquatic food webs, and the impacts of environmental change on food-web dynamics. Read Tessa’s full bio on the Encyclopedia’s editorial board page.

Developing Human Wellbeing Indicators for the Hood Canal Watershed

The Puget Sound Institute and Stanford University have released a final report describing the process of developing human wellbeing (HWB) indicators for the Hood Canal watershed. The report, written by PSI’s Kelly Biedenweg and Adi Hanein of the UW School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, will serve as a guide for establishment of HWB indicators by the Puget Sound Partnership for the greater Puget Sound watershed. Read more