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Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Solutions

Salish Sea Modeling Center (SSMC) in consultation with the Education Coordinator for the SeaDoc Society, created this package for teaching demonstrations and use by middle and high school teachers and their students. The model solution is provided solely for educational and research purposes; any use of the model solution beyond the intended scope must be approved by SSMC. No rights in the underlying intellectual property, beyond the grant of this permissive research license, is provided herein. The user assumes responsibility for the model use, misuse, or inability to use the model solution and in no event shall SSMC have any liability for damages, including but not limited to any indirect, incidental, or consequential damages, arising from or in connection with the use of the model solution. Contact Tarang Khangaonkar for more information.

Download the ZIP file here (70 MB). Instructions are in the SSMC_ReadMe text file.


Gockel C., T.P. Khangaonkar, W. Ni and M. Premathilake. 01/23/2023. “Whatcom and Skagit County Shellfish Beds Fecal Bacteria Exposure Assessment using SSM – Portage Bay Circulation and Fecal Bacteria Modeling.” Presented by T.P. Khangaonkar, C. Gockel, W. Ni at Whatcom Clean Water Program Core Team Meeting, Online, Washington. PNNL-SA-181265.

Gockel C., T.P. Khangaonkar, M. Premathilake, and W. Ni. 05/24/2022. “Whatcom and Skagit County Shellfish Beds Fecal Bacteria Exposure Assessment using SSM YR1 (Q1, Q2, Q3) Progress Presentation to Shellfish Growers.” Presented by T.P. Khangaonkar, C. Gockel, M. Premathilake at Presentation to Shellfish Growers Association led by Taylor Shellfish, Online Conference, Washington. PNNL-SA-173548.

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