Salish Sea Model-Operational Forecast System (SSM-OFS) ยป SSM-OFS Forecast

SSM-OFS Forecast

Today’s 2-day Forecast


The SSM-Portage is based on the standard Salish Sea Model (SSM) while targets on regional hydrodynamics, water quality and fecal bacteria contamination predictions in Portage Bay shellfish growing areas. The model grid is locally refined in Bellingham Bay area to have better representation of the shoreline, intertidal bathymetry, and additional rivers input. The forecast of fecal bacteria concentration in Nooksack River will depend on the VELMA watershed model output in the future. (Presentation: โ€œWhatcom and Skagit County Shellfish Beds Fecal Bacteria Exposure Assessment using SSM โ€“ Portage Bay Circulation and Fecal Bacteria Modeling.โ€)